The 10-Step Korean Skin Care Regimen

안녕하세요 친구! (Hello, friends!)

How early should one start with skin care? 30? 25? 20?

Well, I don’t know. All I know is that I started freaking out about skin aging a month ago with the influence of K-Drama. Forgive me but I’ve just been recently bitten by the Korean bug- from K-Drama to Hangeul to K-Beauty.

This is embarrassing to admit, but I really did not care about my skin until last month. All care I got was washing my face with soap every night and day. On super rare occasions, I use facial wash or foams, but not religiously. My face is not too problematic. It’s not flawless for sure, my T-zone could get oily and I get pimples once in a while but everything is controllable. However, since I am already 27, the thought of aging is beginning to sink in.

I was reminded to practice skin care when I started watching K-Dramas. Koreans in general, have luminous and radiant skin. I just can’t let it go. I started doing my makeup just like how Koreans do it. From subtle pink or apricot eye shadows, brown eyeliners, to flushed cheeks and gradient lips. In the hope of achieving that dewy but not oily skin, I started using my SK-II Radical New Age Power Essence, which I got as a gift from Kat. She gave it to me December 2015 but I kind of neglected it because I hate the feeling of greasy substances sitting on my face. When I found out it costs more or less Php7000, I learned to love it.

Anyway, one boring workday lead me to Googling Korean skin care and voila, I came across the 10-step Korean skin care regimen. Yep, you read that right. 10 STEPS. Such a huge leap from soap to 10 products. Nonetheless, I gave it a go. Off I went to Watsons in The SM Store of SM City Davao while on break (*wink*).  I purchased almost everything I need and I’m all excited to try them out.

Here’s the 10-step process with the products I got. Everything was bought in SM City Davao The SM Store unless specified.

  1. Oil-based cleanser.
Biore Cleansing Oil
Biore Cleansing Oil, Php320
  1. Foam cleanser.
Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser
Neutrogena Deep Clean Energizing Foaming Cleanser, Php200
Cetaphil Gentle Oil Cleanser
Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser, Php126
  1. Exfoliate.
St. Ives Apricot Scrub
St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub, SM Supermarket SM City Davao
  1. Toner.
Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner
Human Nature Nourishing Face Toner, Php99.75, Human Nature SM City Davao
  1. Essence.
SK II RNA Power Essence
SK II R.N.A. Power Essence, $198, Sephora
  1. Serum/boosters/ampoule treatments. I am not sure about this but I’ll  be using Human Nature‘s Sunflower Beauty Oil, Php174.75
Human Nature Sunflower Beauty Oil
Human Nature 100% Natural Sunflower Beauty Oil, Php174.75, Human Nature SM City Davao
  1. Facial mask. I haven’t gotten one yet because I had a hard time choosing from the numerous options available but I might be getting one of those snail masks.
  2. Eye cream. I also did not purchase any eye creams because the attendant from Human Nature said their sunflower oil can also be used for under eyes so I’ll give it a try first.
  3. Moisturizer.
Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer
Celeteque Hydration Facial Moisturizer, Watsons SM City Davao
  1. Sunscreen.
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel
Biore UV Aqua Rich Watery Gel, Php485

If I don’t get pretty in a month or so, ewan ko na lang! Will try to make a review after a month of usage.

Thanks for your time! 🙂



So this morning I scrolled through my Facebook News Feed and came across this certain post of photos like, “The person you called fat, she’s starving herself”, etc. I know many people will disagree with me on this but to be honest these kinds of post do not impress me. I mean, why do we spend too much time asking people or the world to be “something”? Why do we exert too much effort in making people become someone they are not? People are people. We all have brains. We all have our own selves. We do what we want and what makes us happy. I’m not saying it is okay to bully or to discriminate but I think online campaigns like this are ineffective (or at least for me).

My suggestion is to focus instead on uplifting our own selves. Be the kind of person we want to be. Find inner beauty and happiness. We hate bullies because they hurt our feelings. Why not instead of succumbing to the pain, we build our esteem so strongly that no negative forces can ever put us down.

Easier said than done, right? Yes, but much easier than begging millions of people to become someone they are not.


Travel Photos: Hong Kong

I obviously did not achieve my 3-month goal for my blogathon challenge. It was supposed to end by June. It’s already July and I am not even halfway there. BUT, I’m glad there is progress. LOL.

For my 7th entry, here’s a throwback to our last year’s trip to Hong Kong. Sharing with you some of the photos we got.

Victoria Harbour
Hong Kong Disneyland, of course.

That’s it! Thank you. 🙂


Travel Photos: Bataan-Olongapo-Bulacan

Long time no post!

I don’t know what’s gotten into me the past month. I had very little to no inspiration. I was either sleeping or binge watching Kdramas and with that I accomplished nothing. *applause*

A friend messaged and asked me for updates on my blog so here goes. (Anyway, thanks to you for pushing me to write something. You’re a gem.)

Last May 18-22, my son and I, together with my ex-officemates visited some parts of Bataan, Olongapo and Bulacan. I drafted my travel itinerary days after our travel but I realized I have no helpful facts to share and it will not bring any justice to the travel blogging world. So instead of the usual informative travel post, I’ll just showcase some photos I got from our trip.


Our first stop was at Mt. Samat where The Dambana ng Kagitingan is found. It will cost you shortness of breath and liters of sweat to see that cross up close.


The mission is to remember. Sad to say, I barely remember anything about the history. It wasn’t my favorite subject.


Some random wire mesh in Mt. Samat. I took a photo of it while I was gasping for air.


You can’t leave Bataan without visiting Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar. It was one expensive tourist attraction. Pera-pera labanan. An entrance fee of 1k+ only comes with a cute bottle of water and a cold towel. You got to savor the Downy-infused towel. You paid so much for that.

I did not finish the walking tour. My arthritis won’t let me. We took a life-long supply of photos instead. The entire place is Instagram heaven. TIP: Wear super comfortable shoes.


We were also able to see the Sisiman Lighthouse.


The sun was intense that day. My DSLR photos were overexposed.

Traveling is life, but look-away pose is lifer.



Subic was next. It was a short yet sweet stay.


THE GANG. We went to a public beach to sight-see. Sand was gray and there was trash everywhere. Eherm..Piattos. In other news, our dinner in Subic was hearty. I don’t have nice photos from dinner, though.


Last stop, Barasoain Church in Malolos, Bulacan. I slightly recall this church from Araling Panlipunan. Lol.




And here’s a photo of a tree trunk for finale.


Thank you for your time. 🙂


Please Leave My Hair Alone.

(This is not a blogathon entry.)

naturally curly hair
My naturally wavy/curly hair.

Yesterday, a close friend told me how awful my hair is. To quote, “Plastic lang ang magsasabing maganda buhok mo.” Well I admire his honesty and tbh I did not hate him whatsoever. He is entitled to his own opinion.

My hair is wavy/curly. It is frizzy and untamed. Combing exaggerates the frizz, hence I do not comb that much. Last 2014, I decided to stop getting my hair rebonded and just embrace my natural hair. It was tough. I had to iron it every morning so I can let it down. Otherwise, I’ll have it in a ponytail to hide the mess. Then one day I just let it loose without ironing or curling, etc. If I may say, people complimented my hair. They liked it. But of course, there are also those who make fun of it. One time, I received a manual electrical fan from our Kris Kringle with the theme “something that describes the person”. So I got “mahangin”. Until now I’m not sure if he meant mahangin as in mayabang (I don’t think I’m arrogant.) or mahangin because my hair looks like it’s been in a whirlwind.

I personally think my hair is okay. It’s not awful. It’s just that it is not what society perceives as beautiful.

It is quite saddening to be reminded how the world defines beauty. Straight hairs are the bomb. Naturally curly hairs are cute, but the ones saying that do not even want to have curly hairs. Sometimes people go overboard and instruct you to have your hair rebonded to be perfectly pretty. Sometimes I am tempted to retaliate but I get lazy. After all it will not do any good. People are people. Close-minded people are still people, if that makes sense.

If I did not make it clear, I am fine with my hair and I do not need your advise either to comb it or to have it straightened. Okay? Thank you so much. 🙂


How I Spend My Weekends

If you have read my previous post then you will know I am an employee. I work 9am to 7:30pm on Mondays to Fridays. I take my rest days every weekend. Yes, 10.5 hours per day is quite a long time for work. That is why I always look forward to the weekend.

Beginning 2016, I stopped being lazy on my rest days. I felt like I lost so much time because of either sleeping or browsing on social media apps. I promised myself to get a hobby and spend my weekend productively. As of today, I continue to plan my activities for the weekend so when Monday comes, I feel animated and prepared to go through another set of workdays. Today I’m going to document here how I usually spend my weekend.

Btw, Another Weekend Gone is a product of my commitment to myself to do something productive on my rest days.

On Saturdays, I teach in Ateneo de Davao University. Last semester, I taught two subjects- Tech Entrepreneurship and Project Management. For now, I am not teaching since I did not get any loads for summer classes but I’ll be back teaching by June.

My previous students during one of their exams.

When I’m not teaching (and money-permitting), I go to a fabrics shop, well of course, to buy fabrics. Then I spend the rest of the day or the weekend sewing.

Sewing Machine
My sewing machine- Singer Promise 1408

When my back begins to ache, I stop sewing and rest a bit. Then I grab my brush pens to practice calligraphy. This relaxes me a lot. Here are some of my writings.

I hate to admit this but whenever I need a new profile picture, I do makeup and photoshoot. When Kat is here in Davao, we do it together. It’s a lot of fun. You should do it too.

(No photo for this. Lol. )

Depending on my mood, I play the guitar. I am definitely not a pro in this but I can play songs with simple chords. I hate bar chords.

I didn’t make the drawings.

When I was still in San Pablo City, I find comfort in doing mani/pedicure. I repaint my nails almost every weekend. I no longer do it now mainly because my son does a lot of chaos in everything I do and things could get messy.

Back then when I can still paint my nails every weekend.

When I feel a bit under the weather or I do not have cash, I watch some Korean Drama series. I only watch series with pretty casts. I started with The Legend of the Blue Sea and Oh My Venus. I finished them and now I am trying to finish Goblin. I do not find the leading lady pretty so I’m not really keen on finishing it. I just watch it when I really have nothing to do.

Please note that while I do all these activities (except for teaching), my son is just around the corner, interrupting me by taking my things (tape measure, pens, capo, etc.) and playing with them.

See you on my next blogathon entry. 🙂


5 Reasons Why You Should NOT Quit Your Job (Yet)

If you’re an employee like me, then you must have those moments when you feel like quitting and just dropping your responsibilities at work. I do get these moments. I get them all the freakin’ time. I’ve been in this job for 4 years now and I swear I’ve been wanting to resign since 2015 due to personal reasons (which I will not cover in this post).

Although I am always tempted to quit my job, I fight the urge to do so because I know it is not the best thing to do at the moment. The following reasons help me counter the itch to quit my job.

  1. You got no source of income. No job means no salary. No salary means no food, no travels and no hobbies. So unless you have another job or your parents are willing to feed you the way you want to be fed, quitting your job is not the best option.
  2. You will have so much time to waste. You might have heard yourself mutter, “I want to control my time” or “This work consumes my life” at least 12 times in your entire career life. Don’t fret. Most employees feel the same. A 10.5-hour workday may seem exhausting but that same amount of time is excessively long when you got nothing to do. Fun fact: boredom is the number one cause of obesity. Lol. I just made that up.
  3. You can’t escape difficult people. If your workmates are the leading cause of your desire to quit, keep in mind that difficult people are everywhere. You can never escape them. When God created the world, he sprinkled a generous amount of difficult people on land to test humanity’s patience. They grew and multiplied a hundredfold.
  4. Entrepreneurship is not a walk in the park. Perhaps you want to quit your job to start a business because it looks glamorous and you believe that in entrepreneurship, you are your own boss. Well, let me tell you something. I teach Technology Entrepreneurship (part-time) and believe me when I say business is not all glitz and glam. You have to consider loads of things. Business = Risk. I have a friend who has a “Bigasan” (rice retailing business) and his response to my typical “you’re-so-amazing-you-have-a-business” remark was an eye-opener. He said employees are better because at the end of the day, they do not think about their job. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, think about their business 24/7. Hala bitaw noh?
  5. Bringing a brown envelop as you hunt for jobs is so unfashionable. You are lucky you’re employed. You can hate your job all you want but know that at least 10 people want it. In addition, carrying that brown envelop with your CV in it is the most unfashionable thing in this world.

There will be moments when you question yourself if the job you’re into is worth your sacrifices. If you think it’s no longer worth it, ask again. It’s a phase we go through over and over. Humans are not easily satisfied. We tend to want what we do not have. I am not telling you to stay and work until you’re 60. What I’m trying to tell here is it is not practical to quit your job when you have nothing planned ahead of you. You know yourself better. If you feel like it’s really time for you to go then there’s no stopping you.

As for my case, I’m stuck with my current job because I have not drafted my plans yet. I needed money to keep going and for some reason, my job is still giving me enthusiasm- not much but enough to keep me pushing. Once I’m prepared, I’ll be gone in no time. 🙂

Good night and see you on my next blogathon entry.


Travel Blog: Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island, Samal

It is summer here in the Philippines and the sun is blazing like crazy. What better way to keep cool than hit the beach and plunge in the water. I’ve had two beach trips since summer started and my skin has been dark and burnt. Some call it “sun-burnt”, I prefer “sun-kissed”.

Anyways, allow me to share with you our one-day Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island travel itinerary.

Talicud Island is part of Island Garden City of Samal (IGACOS), Davao del Norte, famous for its white sand and pristine beaches. It is home to popular resorts such as Isla Reta, Dayang and Babusanta.


I have been to Dayang Beach Resort in 2011 with two of my friends. We had the resort all to ourselves because it was just beginning to gain popularity back then.

Last Good Friday, March 15, my friends (Kat and Kelly) and I went to Dayang to chill.  I was relieved to see the beach maintain its beauty. Going there on a holiday was not really a good idea due to the swarm of people, but the beach has its way of charming me to focus on its waves and turquoise water. The beach is still pretty (sans the people). Even the rates remain inexpensive. Two things I did not like, though: random garbage and stinky restrooms.


  • The boat left Sta. Ana Wharf at around 7:40 am and arrived in Talicud at 8:30 am. As per boat personnel, they have hourly trips to and from Dayang Beach Resort on that day because it is a holiday. I’m not sure about their regular schedule. (Fare: 150PHP)
  • There is a longer route if you prefer adventure and/or hassle:
  1. Take the barge from Sasa, Davao City to Babak, Samal (Fare: 10PHP)
  2. From Babak, ride a “habal-habal” (motorbike) going to Kaputian Island. (Fare: 100PHP per head)
  3. Then ride another boat going to Talicud Island (near Isla Reta).
  4. Lastly ride another “habal-habal” going to the other side of Talicud Island where Dayang Beach Resort is located. This is a bumpy trip. (Fare: 80PHP per head)


  • Upon arrival, nobody greeted us to collect any fees so I have no idea how much the entrance fee is, although some blogs provide rates. Go check them out.
  • Some guy (we assumed he’s a resort personnel) approached us when we were leaving and collected 200PHP for our table rental.


  • We brought food with us so we did not have to buy and cook at the resort. I have not seen a market and/or a restaurant near the resort so I suggest you bring your baon and water (and utensils). They do have a small store, though. They sell softdrinks and perhaps toiletries. Nothing fancy.


  • This is a no-frills resort. You only get nature in its simplest form. If you expect tiled and scented rest rooms then you’ll end up getting hurt. CRs here are unfortunately stinky.


  • The beauty of the beach negates whatever heartbreak you have with the restrooms. So hold your urine and just swim.
  • There are many Instagrammable spots where you can have your photos taken candidly. Just a warning, there is a bent coconut tree on the far end of the resort and as much as you want to have your “look-away” shot taken on that tree, DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT. There’s a colony of ant living on the trunk of that tree. My friend was a victim and I felt bad for her. She couldn’t stop scratching her butt and legs! AVOID THAT TREE (Photo below). You’re welcome. 🙂
  • Bring a shawl or a boho blanket and listen to your favorite music or enumerate the consequences of quitting your job (if you have any), as you lie on the grass.
  • Write a poem about how scorching hot the sun is or make a haiku about the sand.
  • Take millions of selfies, groufies, wefies until your gadget falls into the water.
  • Swim and swim and forget about sunscreen.
  • Swim some more then let the sun dry you before you head home. This is better than changing in the restroom.


This blog is not much help, I know. This is my first travel blog, btw. If you find this helpful, that’s great. If not, you don’t have to rub it in. To my firm believers, see you on my next blogathon entry. 🙂


My Migraine Story

I am writing in between yawns not because I am sleepy but because I have a migraine attack. I keep yawning when I have headaches. There must be some sort of a scientific explanation to that (I’ll research on that some other time.).

My headaches occur mostly on one side of my head, above my left or right brow. It’s a throbbing pain which worsens when I do rapid eye movements and when I am exposed to lights and sounds or noise. I remember having this kind of headache when I was in third grade. On a scale of 1 to 10, ten being the most painful, mine is usually around 8. The pain disables me. I just have to be at home on my bed, eyes shut beneath a blind-fold, listening to spa music and sniffing some meditation balm (from Oryspa).  This ritual does not automatically heals me, but it keeps me calm and assured knowing that I am home and I can be myself when I vomit.

My headaches do not follow a schedule. They just come around any time perhaps twice to thrice a month, first thing in the morning. I wake up to a throbbing forehead and it worsens when I disregard it. For years, Paracetamol (Biogesic) has been my remedy until such time when I got “immuned” to it and I had to take Mefenamic Acids instead. Just recently, I think I got “immuned” to Mefenemic and started taking Ibuprofen. I have prescription for migraine but stopped taking them since they get me drowsy all the time.

Migraine sucks. That’s my point. Thanks for your time. Good night! 🙂

P.S. I notice I get migraine attacks when I eat chocolates and/or my period is coming/ongoing/ending making it all the more difficult to predict.


Preview: Dayang Beach Resort, Talicud Island, Samal

I was stuck at letter B. I cannot think of any word or phrase ending with B which has a significance for me.

My title still ends in B, right? Do you think it’s fine? (There’s nothing you can do about it, though.) 🙂

Here’s a short and super simple video compilation of my Talicud Island trip yesterday with best friends Kat and Kelly. Nothing fancy, really. Haha.

Will post about this trip on a separate post because there’s so much I wanted to share (and rant). Yesterday was crazy!

Thank you for your time. 🙂